Road signs in Morocco

I do not know why but road signs always fascinate me. Maybe it is the years in the transportation industry.  Or maybe it is the time that I labored as a City Manager.  I am not sure.

As you may know, most countries have adopted a common template for international road signs. Signs that are the same no matter what county you are driving in. For example, the road sign below indicates road narrowing.

Morocco is no different.

However, there are two road signs I have seen in my journey through Morocco that have caught my eye. And I am sure that neither of them are on the internationally recognized road sign list.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

First, is the stop sign. Internationally recognized is the 8 sided sign with bright red coloring.  Usually the sign reads in english STOP.  And there are many such signs in Morocco.

But, also just as many stop signs in Morocco are in Arabic and look like the following.

The second sign that I have seen is similar to the signs you see alerting you to be wary for cattle or deer on the upcoming section of the road.  Look at what you see on the roads near the Sahara Desert.


Don’t you love road signs!!



5 thoughts on “Road signs in Morocco”

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed following this journey. What a wonderful learning experience and such wonderful memories for team Peterson?

  2. Yes! Very interesting. A reminder of how, internationally, we are similar and different! Continue you to let us see Morocco through your eyes, please.

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