Alert! Potential Problem for Halloween

I know it is a little early to be talking about Halloween, but…


I have stumbled across some news that is very disconcerting – namely, that there could be a shortage of certain candy treats available for Halloween!

In particular, Almond Joy, which many of you know, is my favorite candy bar.  Followed closely by Mounds.  Both made by the same company, Hershey.

The potential problem is that there may not be enough (or any) Almond Joy candy bars available to meet the demand for Halloween.

The problem may be even more acute.  There may be a shortage of Almond Joy candy bars prior to Halloween.

To not have Almond Joy candy bars available as needed is a potentially serious problem.  To be clear, I am thinking first and foremost about our kids.  They are the ones who want the handouts as they approach your door Trick or Treating on Halloween evening.  They are the ones who love Almond Joy candy bars – one of the most popular candy bars in the country.

The fact that some of us adults love Almond Joy candy bars too is a secondary concern.

What alerted me to this potential problem was a recent stop for gas at a local Shell station.  Filled up the tank and then went inside to pick up an Almond Joy for a little late afternoon snack.  To my great surprise, there were none.  Absolutely none.  I went to the cashier and asked, where are the Almond Joys?  He said that they were back ordered.  He did not know when, or if, they would arrive.  Whoa, I said to myself.  what is up?  Holy cow!

I have been doing my homework since this happened.  To verify the problem I have called numerous Rite Aids, Bartells, Wallgreens and CVSs.  In addition, I have stopped at gas stations and have checked out super markets.  All with an eye of whether they have Almond Joy for sale or not.

As I have done my research, I have grown more concerned.  Hershey, the company that makes Almond Joy candy bars, has put out conflicting information in the last few weeks.

On July 29th, the CEO of Hershey said that the company “will not be able to fully meet consumer demand” for the upcoming Halloween.  10% of their annual sales occur during Halloween.  She blamed  the Russian/Ukrainian war for causing supply chain problems with some of the ingredients (cocoa and edible oils) needed.

But then on August 5th, the company backtracked, releasing a statement saying that “we believe we’ll be well positioned to deliver for the consumer whether they’re reaching for everyday or seasonal products.”

What is to be believed?

In addition, I went online to check out availability on Amazon.  Amazon says they have Almond Joy’s, but, to my surprise, they are not able to deliver them for eleven (11) days.  This is highly unusual as I am an Amazon Prime member, and normally get my purchases delivered within 24 hours.  Why? I ask myself.

I know that as a nation we are concerned about supply chain issues and their impact on our economy.  Are there some ingredients in Almond Joy that are being impacted by supply chain problems?  I don’t know.

Regardless of the reason for the potential problem, you may ask what is the solution.  How can any one of us be sure to have enough Almond Joy candy bars available whenever we need them — now, next week and especially for Halloween?

My initial thought is to hoard.

Now, I know, some of you may be opposed to hoarding.  As a general rule, I agree with you that hoarding is not a good thing to do.  However, there are exceptions to every rule, right?   In this case, I think we have to think about the children first.  What are their expectations for Halloween night.  We do not want to disappoint them?  Or me?  No, of course not.

The next question is how to hoard.  My suggestion is to use Amazon.  You can purchase a pack of 36 Almond Joy bars in a box for $29.59.  The cost for 10 boxes is $290.59.   While the delivery time is not ideal, they say they will deliver within 11 days, which gives us plenty of time before the end of October.

Let me know if you are experiencing any shortages of Almond Joy bars in your neck of the woods.  Also, let me know whether my suggestions for stockpiling and hoarding work for you.

Bottom line, you have to stay vigilant in this crazy world we live in.

6 thoughts on “Alert! Potential Problem for Halloween”

  1. Even CNN, “the most trusted name in news” is back tracking on their “blame it on Russia” insistence for the past 6 years. Hard to know what to believe these days eh!

  2. Did you do your typical excellent research on the taste today of people in the 13 to 37 age group? How does Almond Joy rank in terms of 2022 Halloween trick or treaters preference?

    Here is what I found. They are in 1 through 17 order. So far Almond Joy has not popped up but maybe I missed something.

    Kit Kat
    Sour Patch
    Gummies / Trollis
    Swedish Fish
    Nestle Crunch
    Milky Way
    Jolly Ranchers

    Maybe the scarcity of Almond Joy is not catastrophic but no Reese’s will be a bummer.

  3. Tip: if you order chocolate during hot summer months, be sure it will ship in an insulated box with ice packs!
    My recent Amazon order of York Mints (175 for $18.79 vs 25 for $5.88 at Walmart) we’re well packed with dry ice, but by the time they were delivered late afternoon in Tucson, the box was warm inside. Fortunately the mints, although warm, had not melted.

  4. P.S.: Neil, I don’t consider ordering 175 York Mints (or 10 boxes of Almond Joy) to be hoarding.
    I think of it’s being a good shopper, especially if in short supply in the stores!

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