A “rest” day

Today has been a rest day for me.

Here is what a rest day means for me.

Only 4 hours on the bike, not 11 or 12.  Only 30 miles almost all on paved roads. No wind to speak of. No rain. Clouds hid the sun for much of the day. Off the bike before noon!

Then a shower, followed by a wonderfully relaxed two hours visiting the Cathedral in Burgos (see “Inspiration” blog).

After which I took an hour nap!

Then went to find a bicycle shop to get a red rear light that works.  The reason for this is that it is dark at 0600 hour.  Need this for safety.

But also, purchased a seat cover to add some padding there.  Do I need to go into detail?

As if that was not enough for a relaxing day, I found a massage place that caters to peregrinos.  Yes, siree!

I had a 30 minute Peregrino Massage, which means they work only on the feet, the calves, the thighs, and the back.

It was great.

Now I am having a dinner of tapas.  Found a great little tapas bar recommended by Rick Steves. I just let the owner decide what tapas I should have.  I’m not even sure what I am having.  I think I’m having a Banderilla, which is an olive, white tuna in brine, and a pickle all on a toothpick.  Also a Pimiento Relleno de Bacalao, which is peppers stuffed with cod.  In addition, a Calamares a La Plancha, grilled squids.

A perfect way to end a real rest day for me.



2 thoughts on “A “rest” day”

  1. Four hours on bike, shower, Cathedral seeing, , new seat cover, nap, tapas and massage…you said it was a day of rest, but it seems more like a day of heaven compared to the grueling time on your bike so far. Wonder what the next day will bring? Denise

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