The Cathedral in Burgos.

What does it take to get rid of the blues?   How about the Cathedral in Burgos.

From its gargantuan size (Spain’s third largest), to its myriad of chapels (18) each unique, to its majesty, to the spires crowning its towers, to its facades, to its history (dates back 800 years to 1221), to its choir area, to the fact that this church was under construction for three centuries, to its crazy different El Papamoscas (the fly-catcher clock) which chimes every 15 minutes, to the tomb of El Cid (11th century Spanish hero for forestalling Moor (I.e., North African Muslims) takeover), to its examples of some of the classic architectural periods in the world’s history (Gothic to be sure, but also Romanesque, Baroque, Italian Renaissance, Rococo, to name a few).  To all of that and more, I say with gratitude, thank you.

In short, the cathedral is nothing short of inspiring.






2 thoughts on “Inspiration”

  1. Thanks for sharing these photos of the Cathedral in Burgos. It is amazing to look at a structure of this size and the number of years it was worked on with no modern equipment like huge cranes or lifts. The amount of detail boggles the mind. Denise

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