Yoga through the generations

Ever since I attended a yoga retreat last spring I have become much more aware of what the yoga experience entails.

I had mistakenly thought it was all about the exercise.  It is much more than that. It also includes a spiritual component, diet, and meditation.

Haltingly I am trying to incorporate all four components into my daily life.  It is really more of an aspiration right now than a daily reality.

However, my daughter, Kelsey, is much more into yoga than I am. She is serious enough about it that she goes to yoga class in New York City 5 to 6 times a week.

With her encouragement and nudging I arranged to have a yoga instructor come to our rented apartment during our family vacation in Cabo San Lucas.  Every morning we have been under the tutelage of Alma Hernandez. She has been terrific in taking all of us through the paces.


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