Tuna, Dorado and Trigger fish

Cabo is famous in part because of its fishing.  World records have been set in the waters near Cabo.

Today we spent 7 hours on the high seas of the Sea of Cortez.  Bright sun was outdone only by strong northeasterly winds. Five of us on a 28 foot Bertram, guided by Miguel and Jaime.

Fairly early on in the day, coinciding with an incoming tide, we had some good luck.  Kelsey caught a trigger fish.  HP after a long fight, landed a 25 lb. tuna.  And Guy had a fun and successful struggle with the miraculously colored 20 lb. Dorado.

As the tide receded so did our luck.  Spent the next five hours searching for the elusive Marlin.  No luck today.

All in all, not a bad day on the seas.



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