Time with the Grandchildren

Over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays and celebrations I had the opportunity to spend some real time with a few of my youngest grandchildren.

I came away with a few realizations.

One, I thought I had a short attention span.  Heck no!  My attention span is lengthy compared to the attention spans of my grandkids.

Two, I thought I had tons of energy.  However, I found myself having a tough time keeping up with the little ones.  So much so that I was yearning for a break everyday so that I could get a nap.  I pride myself on never getting totally exhausted, but, I must admit, every day I was with the grandkids I was exhausted at the end of the day.

Three, it does not take much to stimulate my interest in something.  However, I found out that I am a stick in the mud compared to the youngsters.  They can get stimulated by almost anything.

Four, I have always thought that I show my emotions on my sleave.  Let me say that compared to these kids I am so emotionally tight that I hardly ever cry, scream, roar, yell, or break down.  These young kids all of a sudden yell, cry, sob, scream, sigh, weep, or totally lose it.

Five, I always thought that I was fairly expressive with my eyes.  The eyes of these children can make me crumble.  They can make my heart swoon.  They can make my eyes begin to well up.  They can bring a smile to my face.  Their eyes are to die for.

Six, and finally, I thought I had some unusual and interesting perspectives on what happens in life.  However, I continue to be utterly amazed by a child’s perspective on something or anything.  It is more often than not so unique, wholesome, fresh, genuine, honest and simple.

Bottom line, for all the reasons outlined above, what a treat to be able to spend quality time with the grandchildren.  I continue to marvel at these youngsters and toddlers.  I marvel at what they bring to this world, to this life, and specifically to my life.  I feel unbelievably fortunate to have grandchildren and to be able to spend time with them, and in a small way be able to appreciate how they see and react to their world.

Thank you, kids, for stimulating me, energizing me, exposing me to new perspectives, sharing your emotions with me, and looking directly into my eyes.

Click here to see 17 month year old Edie responding to a request for a kiss.


9 thoughts on “Time with the Grandchildren”

  1. Neil, did the kid with the carry bag at ORI whup you on the golf course? If so let him play in the Bunion Wedge Match Play Tournament. Since I originated the tourney back in 2008 I can still call rank and allow whomever into the tourney I please even if |I no longer run the game. I intend to be back down there in 3 weeks.

  2. Such a sweet blog and it was even sweeter to watch you interact in person with these cuties.
    Yes, having the privilege to grandparent and watch our children parent is truly life’s greatest blessing 💙🙏❤️‍🩹

  3. What a gift to have this time with these cuties!! So glad you were able to share these special times with them!

  4. Your beautiful grandchildren are bringing the best out in your Neil. Wish I were there to enjoy the interaction!

  5. Neil – Great blog on the grands! You are clearly touched by the sense of wonder in the eyes of the little children. They are indeed precious. It’s so important to preserve and protect so that they can grow to be healthy and happy.

  6. Great story… You have quite the way with words!! Your vocabulary is bigger than a fuselage! Ha! (wink!) And the pictures are worth a thousand words. What an awesome memory for you all!!

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