The plan for the next few days

As you may be able to tell, I am struggling a little with “coming down” from the last 12 day ride/pilgrimage/experience.

My plan is to chill for the next few days. Take it easy.

Today, you know about from the three posts — the body and the market, the noon mass, and travel to Fisterra.

Tomorrow, I plan to leave early to drive to Bilbao, some 8 hours away by car.  A lot of the drive will be along Spain’s northern coastline, which should be interesting and beautiful. In Bilbao, can’t wait to see Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Bilbao.

The next day, plan to visit Guernica, which is so important a site for two reasons. One, it was the place where Basque leaders met through the ages to assure their people’s freedom.  Second, it was the site of one of the worst war atrocities ever with the brutal bombing, leveling the town by Hitler/Italian air forces.  All, it is presumed, with Spanish dictator Francisco Franco’s OK.

The next two days are planned for San Sebastián, a resort town in Spain but very close to the French border.  I can’t quite picture myself laying on a beach all day, but who knows.

On the 26 th, I get a plane from Biarritz France to Seattle, with a stop in Paris.

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