The noon mass for the pilgrims

Pretty impressive. The cathedral is huge but there was not a spot that was not taken. There were as many standees as there were seated.

What a moment. To witness all of these people from all over the world praying together at noon on a Friday.  The entire service was in Spanish, but that did not seem to bother anybody.  Everyone was just so grateful to be there.

The gold alter in one of the pictures below has St. James in three different roles. The top one, he is the “master of the moors”, riding his white horse to victory.  The middle one he is a Peregrino, a pilgrim just like the rest of us. On the bottom, he is the Apostle, James.




One thought on “The noon mass for the pilgrims”

  1. Wow! How many pilgrims were at the noon Mass? What ornate altars and soaring spires of the cathedral. It reminded me of the crowds at St. Peter's for Mass in Rome!

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