Subway gets a bad rap


when you are taking a road trip fast food becomes almost a given.  how do you avoid the quick stop at a McDonald’s, Arby’s, Wendy’s, or Subway?  especially when you are trying to make time and you don’t want to take the time it takes to have a reasonable meal at a decent restaurant.

in addition, the fast food outlets are so plentiful and so near gas stations that you need to stop at to fill up your tank. it makes it relatively easy as you stop for fuel to also pick up something to eat at the nearby fast food outlet.

so this convenience makes fast food hard to resist.

yet, yet, we all know that fast food by and large is not good for you.  or at a minimum fast food is not what you should be consuming if you are trying to lose weight.  right?  right!

the carbs, the grease, the sugar, the salt, the calories, the sweets, the sizes of the portions.  all not good for us.  right?

the one possible exception to my mind has always been Subway.  why?

i can choose the type of bread.  i can choose 6″ and not a foot long.  i can dictate what i want on the sandwich in detail.  no mayonaise, please.  just mustard, for example.  hold the cheese, please.

i can decide which veggies i want to include.  yes, please add lettuce, tomatoes, onions, olives, cucumbers, etc.

and on top of all these choices, i have a reference guide provided by Subway on how many calories there are in a 6″ subway tuna sandwich, for example.

i will admit that the downfall to Subway for me at least is the fact that i cannot eat my relatively “healthy” 6″ tuna on wheat sandwich without some classic potato chips.  it is all i can do not to pick up two — yes, two! — bags of classic potato chips.  in addition i cannot walk up to the cash register and see the chocolate chip cookies sitting there and not get one.  i can’t do it.

at least i don’t order a soda.  no, i stick to water or zero Gatorade.

finally, how do you beat the cost.  my bill from Subway is always under $10.

so, this is my pitch for giving Subway a break in the almost universal onslaught on fast food outlets.  Subway gets a bad rap in my opinion.

i must confess that on this road trip i have stopped at several Subways.  i always order the same thing.  a 6″ wheat, toasted, tuna with no mayo. loads of veggies, but no jalapenos and no pickles.  mustard please.  and yes, i get a bag of classic potato chips, and a chocolate chip cookie.

yum, yum.

3 thoughts on “Subway gets a bad rap”

  1. We have always gone to Subway when we need a quick meal. Being Vegan it has the best options for us. Hope that you are still moving on down the road!!

  2. You can always order a chopped salad at Subway instead of a sandwich too. You are right they are so convenient to truck stops for filling up motorhomes.

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