Spending a summer in the California desert—the summer is over!

I started this blog some three months ago. Since then there have been 32 entries, counting this one.  It has been quite an experience.

I have really enjoyed writing my blog entries from time to time. I hope you have too.

The format, web access and email notification have made the blogs much easier to be aware of and read.

The opportunity for comments is now easier than in the past. Some of you have taken the opportunity to comment from time to time.  For that I am really thankful.  Believe me it makes such a difference to me to hear from readers about how a particular blog brought up for them some experience of their own, or how some story touched them, or how they learned something that they had not been aware of, or how a particular story made them chuckle.  Again, thank you for the comments.  Keep them coming.

Some of you may have noticed a couple of things.

First, if you review my blogs this summer…almost half of them have been about locations or experiences that have not been in the desert. You may ask why.

If you will recall, one of my earliest blogs this summer outlined the Five Point Peterson Prescription to surviving a summer in the California desert. Point number four was “leave”.   Yes, take a trip.  Get out of the desert for a while.  Well, I followed my own advice.

This summer I took trips to New York City, Buffalo, Washington DC, Toronto, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Portland, Seattle, the Adirondacks, the Finger Lakes Region of New York State, Philadelphia, Hartford and Las Vegas. Of the 12 weeks of summer in the desert, I was only actually in the desert for 3 of those weeks.

Second, summer was technically over 16 days ago, and yet I continue to blog. Let me say that as of yesterday, I am back in the desert.  Today’s temperature reached 101 degrees!  Love it!!

More to the point however, I have realized that I really enjoy writing on life, on experiences in life. And they don’t stop with the end of summer.

So, what I am going to do is end the blogs entitled “spending a summer in the California desert”. But start a new one.  I have not decided what to call it yet.  Stay tuned.

What I would appreciate is your feedback on which of the 32 blogs this summer…

  • Meant the most to you
  • You enjoyed the most
  • The one that made you chuckle the most

Thanks for listening and enjoying together this journey we call life!

Your scribe, Neil

3 thoughts on “Spending a summer in the California desert—the summer is over!”

  1. Neil–from one of the hordes truly proud and honored to call you friend, this blog, the ones before it and the ones to come all have the same subtitle–smelling the roses. So many of us, so much of the time, travel through this veil of tears called life, distracted by the day to day, consumed by making a living and hopefully doing good things along the way. You remind us, here and when we see you, of the beauty and significance of the flowers on the side of the road, the transcendence of slowing down, admiring the gems and appreciating how they add context and treasure to the journey. You my friend are one of those flowers, and an extraordinary hybrid at that. If only you could fix my golf swing!!!!!

  2. Geoff- Beautifuly said!
    NEIL- It’s not the end of summer for you! Your Summer never ends! You find the enjoyment of summer vacation every minute of the day, in all seasons.
    I loved your blogs for the information, passion, word pictures, and photos of your adventures. Keep them coming, so we can enjoy your endless summer too!

  3. Maybe a good name for your new blog could be life and travels of Neil Peterson. My favorite was the one about Judy Dentch. She is such and interesting person and entertainer too.

    Thank you for take time to make your blog and keep us looking forward to what would be in your next blog.

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