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I want to invite all my readers to join “Team Peterson” as we embark on our next sojourn.

some explanations and definitions are in order.

  • “Team Peterson” consists of yours truly, my son Guy, my daughter Kelsey and her husband Brian.
  • our next sojourn/trip will be to Morocco
  • and it starts this Saturday!!!

as usual, I will sporadically write a blog or two (or three) as we explore, learn about and meet what is for us a new culture, country, and people.

while we have been to Spain, which is just north of Morocco, and while we have been to Egypt which is also in North Africa, we have not been to Morocco.

we are very much looking forward to absorbing the history, culture, colors, terrain, and people of Morocco, a country with a population as big as the State of California.

when we scheduled this trip we did not realize that we would be doing so at the same time that President Trump is traveling to Asia.  hopefully our trip will be able to fly underneath the glare of the media’s bright lights.

has anyone who is reading this been to Morocco before?  if so, any advice or guidance?



6 thoughts on “morocco musings”

  1. Stay well, stick together, stop to say hi to Rick for me! We had a friendship back in the day. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Protect Kelsey.

  2. Hi Neil er al;

    I was in Morocco in 80’s for a Conference. Mostly we were in Casablanca, but I wondered around on foot. I walked by and around the King’s palace and and got a few guards excited. The scary part however was going into the big market (Casbah?)
    alone. As I moved into the center I became aware I was being shadowed. I got as far as the precious metals and headed out in a hurray to safety. Phew!
    The actual misfortune was buying leather baggage which fell apart on the flight home. Shop very carefully. Enjoy your trip! Dick

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