am I allowed to rant once in awhile? are each of us allowed a rant once in awhile?

to rant is one thing. hopefully this will not turn into a tirade.

well, I have a rant.




occasionally, the practicalities of life get in the way of a wonderful summer in the California desert.

yes, I had to see a dentist this morning.


why did I have to go to the dentist? are you ready for this?  I cracked one of my molars (i.e., a significant tooth) and lost some of the tooth and exposed a filling.  and how did I do this?  by eating a potato chip.  yes, siree!!!!  can you believe this?


on my scale of the 100 most wonderful, fun ways to spend your time going to the dentist is number 98. way down the list. not fun.

the only plus of going to the dentist office is the opportunity to talk with the dental hygienist. in my experience she can be wonderful — and I mean really wonderful.  she can be a complete antidote to the dentist himself.

nevertheless, the trip to the dentist office is one that I dread.

just the thought that someone is going to be working on my “oral cavity” is chilling.

and for somebody who likes to talk and engage in a conversation being in a  dentist chair is hell.  the reason being that you cannot talk.  he has your mouth wide open and has his fingers inside your mouth.  it is impossible to talk when you have other people’s fingers inside your mouth!

the other problem with dentist offices — yes, there are many — is the use of drills.  I hate drills, especially when they are being used on you, and in your mouth.

just the noise of a drill is disturbing.  why can’t someone invent a drill that makes noise that sounds like Mozart?  now, there is a great idea!!

is it just me, or does anyone else have a problem with the drab white and off white walls of the rooms in a typical dental office? it seems like no one who works in a dental office has any sense for color, for light, for art, for culture.  the offices are unbelievably boring and bland.  egad, give me something to brighten my day!  and a copy of four month old People magazine on the coffee table is not going to do it.

one more thing. how about the cost?  a simple straight forward teeth cleaning today costs hundreds of dollars.  to get a crown replaced costs in the thousands.  not only that, to get dental insurance makes almost no sense. you have to wonder whether fixing your teeth in the latter years of your life is really worth it. or, you begin to seriously think about going to Los Algodones in Baja California in Mexico — just across the border from Yuma, Arizona — to get your dental work done at much less cost.
























thank you for allowing me to rant.

4 thoughts on “RANTS”

  1. Yes, you are allowed, and your ranting with clever words and captions brought a chuckle. I do not think you meant it to be entertaining? Hopefully, your tooth was saved, does not hurt and you feel better physically and emotionally from having raved a bit?

  2. Almost everyone can join you in your rant. I certainly can. Happened recently, in fact. The only way I soothe myself is to divide the # of days I’ve used the tooth by the # of days I’ve lived. It seems more a bargain then and time also helps with the pain. I soon forget the experience. Time heals all wounds. Right?

  3. I agree with your rant completely! I broke a tooth with a pretzel! Even with insurance cost hundreds of dollars and it was miserable. Hope you are all fixed up!

  4. Welcome to the world of dental magic, one of the biggest scams in medicine. I had to have an implant and was told that my dental insurance would cover 85%of the cost. But they didn’t tell me that the implant was just the anchor for the “crown” (which was not covered) and would cost $2500!!

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