Dogs — a man’s or woman’s best friend

We all know that dogs can be great friends.  And, of course we know that for the owner of a dog, the dog can be their best friend.

Recently I have had the opportunity to see that up close and personal.  I thought I might share a little with you.

My daughter Mary has a dog that is the love of her life.  Amber is a mix of cattle dog, border collie and probably something else.  6 years old, weighs some 50 lbs.  Amber has some chronic health issues including but not limited to rhinitis, branditus, epilepsy, acid reflex, and has some behavioral issues.

Mary took Amber as a foster parent to begin with, but then the Dog Rescue place would not allow a unhealthy dog to be adopted out.  So, Mary, asked if she could keep Amber even though she had a myriad of health issues.  Mary does not feel that she can leave Amber alone for more than four hours at a time.  In addition, I don’t know what Mary’s vet bills have amounted to, but it has to be astronomical.  But, as you can see from her pictures, there is something about Amber that draws you to her.  Amber below is being held by my grandson Danny.

My good friend Marilyn has a female Basenji mix named Taco.  Rescued from the streets of Tijuana, she is a cutie.  4 years old, 20 lbs.

Marilyn says Taco is “sweet, lovable and smart”.   Have you ever heard a dog owner say anything else?

Taco gets royal treatment.  As you can see from these pictures.  Sleeps on silk sheets.  Makes herself comfortable in any surroundings.

The other day, walking on the sidewalk in Edmonds Washington I came across a stranger walking his dog.  I saw something that I have never seen before.  Yep.

His dog had on sunglasses.  I am not kidding.  Here is the picture that I took.

I had to ask him about the sunglasses.  He, with a totally straight face, said that the dog had some eye issues.  I am not a veterinarian, but come on!!

To me, this is over the top.

Bottom line, dogs can be so adorable, so loving, so much a part of one’s life.  However, I raise the question of whether there are any limits to how royally dogs are to be treated.

Just asking.

4 thoughts on “Dogs — a man’s or woman’s best friend”

  1. No limit! Unconditional love Neil! Simple test. Put Marilyn and Taco in the trunk of your car and go play a round of golf. Come back and open the trunk. Which one is glad to see you. I rest my case!

  2. Everyone should wear UV protected sunglasses…Always when in the sun, even in shade the UV rays are there. They damage your eyes. They can cause skin cancer..

  3. Neil, all dog owners should have that love and concern or they should not have a dog.
    All dog owners I know have that love.

    I don’t think you are going to find many agreeing with you on this, another, well written and thought provoking blob🤗

  4. Mary (Amber owner here). The reality is that the positive aspects of Dog ownership (healthy walks, unconditional love, etc.) far outweigh any of the negative aspects. In my case I took on a dog that would probably have otherwise been euthanized, and in doing so took on the responsibilities of caring for her the best I could. Pet ownership is a responsibility and requires some sacrifices but is so worth it!!

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