Why would I put the word “camels” in quotes?

The reason is that some of us westerners think camels are camels. Right?

Well, it turns out that there is more to it than that. There are different kinds of camels.
Dromedary camels, which have one hump, and Bactrian camels, which have two humps. The camels in Morocco are dromedaries.

These mammals are quite something. They are tall. The males are more than six feet tall. They are the workhorses of the Sahara Desert. They can carry up to 600 pounds. They can survive up to six months without food and water.

And they can motor. They can run at a 25-mph pace, and when needed reach 40 mph.
When threatened they spit. They have huge mouths, long necks and legs and obviously a large hump.

Team Peterson had the chance to take a “dromedary” ride in the Sahara Desert of Morocco. As the following pictures show we had a great experience.

6 thoughts on ““Camels””

  1. Neil,
    The first time I saw the neilstrips.com in my inbox, all I could see was “Neil Strips” rather than “Neil’s Trips”.
    Should you ever decide to revamp the website into the former, the photo of you in the sand should be on the front page.
    The photos from this trip are fantastic! The lighting there is spectacular.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving team Peterson! Have a fun and safe journey. How perfect it is that you are together on this holiday.And I’m so grateful you have been part of my life!

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