a new world record

i think we may have been witness to a new Guiness Book of World Records achievement today.
PJ, one of our threesome, is a unique individual in a lot of ways.  one, is, as i have intimated before, he is not an early riser.  or, said another way, he sleeps in.  he wakes up late.  and, to be brutally honest, when he does struggle out of bed, he is not really on his A game right at that moment.  it takes him some  time to get the momentum of his brain and personality going.  which, to be totally fair, when he is alive and awake, we all love him.  
having said that, PJ’s sleeping habits deserve to be explored in more detail.
today was something to behold in this regard.  Dr Tom and I are in awe, in amazement.  what PJ was able to accomplish today has to be a world record.
let me recount the facts. 
PJ fell asleep at 2am this morning, and woke up at 8.  he went to breakfast with me and Tom.  as Tom and I started our hike at 10am this morning, PJ let us know that for a variety of reasons he would not be joining us.  he said he needed to rest. 
little did we know what that meant.
PJ returned to our room and proceeded to sleep from 10am till noon, at which time he got up and got some lunch which he brought back and ate in his bed in the room.
having consumed lunch, PJ then — yes, these are facts!  I am not embellishing — falls asleep again for an afternoon nap.  he sleeps from 2 until 6, at which time we all get up to go out for dinner.
i am not a numbers guy, but just to recount the facts — PJ was in bed 14 hours of 16 hours.  he was sleeping 12 hours out of the 16 hours between 2am and 6pm.
these numbers are amazing.  they have to be a world record, or at least close to it.
both Tom and I are in the awkward position of trying to assess how to handle this.  do we just let it pass as a “normal” occurrence.   do we just let it pass as an unusual event that is a “one off” and won’t happen again, so don’t worry about it.  or, do we try to “help” PJ by assisting him in the analysis of what is happening and why. 
we are still in shock about today, so we have not determined how to best proceed.  but, we wanted to share the facts with all of you, on the presumption that maybe one or more of you have some good advice, analysis, guidance of how to help PJ.
is this worthy of us doing an “intervention” to help PJ? 
so many options are open to us on how to handle this.  so many options. 
so many things could be going on within him.  our thoughts are with him in any case.
the good news is that PJ tonight says that he feels fine.  he does not feel tired. 
thank goodness.
to be continued.

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