A couple of new words

i have learned a couple of new words on this trip.

i learned them from a crusty, sharp tongued woman who has a farm along with her husband in the Simonside Hills area of Northumberland.

her name is Pierrette Fenwick. and she has some spunk to her.  a quick retort for every comment or question.  and a great sense of wry humor.

she taught me what the phrase “land mines” means in Northumberland.  when you walk the many different fields in this part of England you have to watch the ground in front of your every step because there is so much dung, feces, droppings, manure, poop, crap, cow pies, whatever you want to call it.  dung from sheep.  dung from goats.  dung from cows and bulls.  dung from horses. there is dung everywhere.  some of it is fresh.  some of it is not.

the second thing she taught me was the word “bollocking“.

she also made it quite clear to me what she would do to me if i got out of line in any way.  she would give me a good bollocking.  yes, she would.  and there is no doubt in my mind that she would do so.  no doubt whatsoever.

this woman had a presence about her.  she does not take s*** from anyone, and she is prepared to give it back to you as fast as you give it to her.

bollocking means to harshly criticize someone.  to scold, to define as rubbish, garbage or nonsense. in England it is vulgar slang.  bollocks literally means testicles.

i guess i could go into more detail but i think you get the meaning.

you learn something new every day.

3 thoughts on “A couple of new words”

  1. It is good you did not run into a mountebanks while traipsing through the villages in England. Maybe the constabulary nicked them already.

  2. Great to add to your vocabulary and have fun too. Stay safe and continue to enjoy life and your travels..

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