The Tuscan Trio

our three week odyssey to Italy is about over.  today is our last day in Rome, and then we catch airplanes to return to the States, to the west coast, and to reality.

this trip has had an impact on each of us.  more about that later.

but, first, we need to figure out how to refer to the three of us.  as PJ, our marketing advisor, would say… we need to identify and establish our brand.

we have thought about this quite a bit, and, after much discussion, have decided to call ourselves The Tuscan Trio.

why this moniker?  Trio is obvious.  there are three of us.

we feel that Tuscan reflects two ideas, two thoughts, two approaches to life.  one, the laid back, take it easy, reflective attitude to life that we have attempted to adopt.

but, secondly, it suggests in some small way the concept of the Renaissance man.  we have reflected at length of what it means to be a Renaissance man.  we have been inspired to be Renaissance men.  but more about this in a subsequent blog.

you will be pleased to know that we did not select The Italian Stallions, but that was a very close second in the balloting.

St. Peter’s Square in front of St. Peter’s in Vatican City

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