the price of gas

what has happened to the price of gas?

in the last year it has gone from an average of $1.785/gallon for regular gasoline in the United States to $2.927/gallon — a 64% increase.  wow!

AAA says this is because of increases in crude oil prices, a tightening of gas supplies and increased demand for fuel with the gradual reopening of travel post pandemic.

well, we are all feeling this, aren’t we.  but the reality is that some are feeling it more than others.  most importantly, this impacts those who are struggling to make ends meet, but must use their vehicle to get to work or for work itself.

it also affects people differently depending upon where they live and work.  California, for example, has gas prices that currently average over $4/gallon, more than the surrounding states of Arizona, Nevada and Oregon.

the difference is even greater when compared to other parts of the country. the average price for a gallon of gas in Mississippi on May 5, 2021 was $2.585.  the average price for a gallon of fuel in California on May 5th was $ 4.057 —  a difference of $1.472.  Californians pay on a average 57% more for a gallon of regular gasoline than Mississippi residents do.

that works out to almost $25 more every time a Californian fills up the tank, or more than $1,200/year in costs that a resident of Mississippi does not have.

but, what i found out this past few days is that in addition to statewide differences in gas prices, there are differences within the state depending upon where you are.

so, guess what are gas prices in Death Valley?

let me set the stage for you.  remember that Death Valley National Park is 10% larger in land area than the state of Connecticut, one of our original 13 colonies.  i am not sure how many gas stations there are in the State of Connecticut.  but there is only one gas station in Furnace, Death Valley, the main focal point.  (there is also a gas pump in Stovepipe Wells, some 28 miles away from Furnace.)  there are signs on all the major roads saying that the next chance to get gas is some 80-100 miles away!

catch this picture.  yes, indeed.  can you believe it?

$5.369 per gallon!!

one more lesson learned.  one more reality to be faced.


3 thoughts on “the price of gas”

  1. California has more gas taxes and gas environmental regulations, (low carbon fuel, plus other regulations), than the rest of the USA. The USA wants to change from gas cars to electric cars. It takes 8 hours to fuel an electric car. I guess they have to lean how to fuel an electric car faster, maybe a lighting bolt!! lol..

  2. Differences in state prices are also due to state gas taxes. Calif taxes are the highest in the nation at .61 per gallon. Mississippi is .18.

  3. With Biden shutting down pipelines and fracking just watch what happens to gas prices going forward.

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