The day after my baptism

Yesterday, my first day of riding, was a very challenging day, as I outlined in my blog entitled “what a baptism”.

Today was mucho better!  The sun was shining.  The route was mostly downhill. I only had to walk the bike up hills for 5%, not 50% of the trip.

I was able to cover 50 km, approximately 30 miles.  This is double what I was able to do yesterday.

And I was able to do it in five hours, not eight hours. My average speed increased from less than 2 miles an hour to approximately 6 miles an hour.

One of the reasons the miles covered in an hour is not what we are used to in the States is that I am deliberately taking the same path that the walkers are taking.  Not using the paved road except in rare instances.

The walkers’ path can be challenging at times.  Sometimes it has rocks and roots. Sometimes it has loose gravel. And sometimes it’s just downright narrow.




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