The 7 second rule


How many of you know what “the 7 second rule” is?

My kids and I were taught the seven second rule years ago when we spent three weeks rafting down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. During the day we would take truly remarkable hikes which could only be accessed from the river’s banks.  During the evening we would set up camp and sleep under the amazing stars of northern Arizona.

The trip was a graduate course in the Grand Canyon – its history, its geology, its archeology. We had in addition to our most amazing guides the Grand Canyon National Park’s archeologist and historian on the float trip.

Our guides were led by a woman, whose name I am embarrassed to admit I cannot remember, but I will never forget her.  She was a no nonsense, take no prisoners, call it like it is type of leader.  She laid down the law, and you followed it.   As I am sure you know, the Colorado River presents some real white-water challenges.  This trip was not only a graduate course in the Grand Canyon, it was a strenuous and at times dangerous river rafting and hiking adventure.  The trip needed a strong leader, and she fit the bill.

During our first day on the River, she sat us all down on the river’s banks, and read us the riot act on how and what we need to do under certain circumstances that we undoubtedly would run into during the three weeks. One of the items she addressed was the need to conserve food, for we had a lot of mouths to feed for the next 21 days.

It was at this point that she introduced us to the “7 second rule”.   Bottom line, she told us, is that if you drop some food on the ground, on the banks of the river, and you pick it up within seven seconds then you eat it.  You do not throw it away.

Does everyone get this?   If you drop food on the ground and you pick it up within seven seconds then it is good to eat, period.  End of story.

You may be asking yourself at this point, why is Neil telling us this now?   Isn’t he on a trip with his kids in Morocco?   What could this possibly have to do with Morocco?

The reason is that you needed to have this background to understand my next blog entitled “the 7 second rule – Morocco style”.

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  1. My curiosity is aroused. Will be waiting for that rule?
    What a wonderful bonding and learning experience for the four of you?

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