Slowing down

How easy is it for one of us to slow down?

I can only speak for myself. So far – – I’m in my third day of the pilgrimage– – I’m doing pretty well on slowing down on some things, but not so well on slowing down on some others.

The good signs…

I have not purchased a newspaper. Only today did I check online for articles in the New York Times.

I have not watched TV with two exceptions.  I did watch a rugby game while I was eating dinner in St. Pied, and today I did watch CNN international for approximately a half hour.

My watch died so I’m not checking time.

I’ve had my phone on airplane mode the entire time I’ve been here. So I’m not receiving or checking phone calls or voicemail.

The not so good signs…

I still have my cell phone.  I do use it to take pictures.

I do check it for emails.  And I do answer some.

I have my iPad.  And I’m using that to prepare my blog entries.

But perhaps most importantly, each day so far I’ve been focused on getting to the next destination. Rather than just enjoying the journey and letting things take care of themselves.

Maybe this will change as the journey progresses.

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