sadly, my trip to Iceland has come to an end

wow!  hard to believe that my two weeks in Iceland has come to an end.  but it has.

so enjoyed the tiny but unbelievably interesting country of Iceland.  it is interesting that i used the word “tiny”.   for, while the country has a very small population (350,000) and its land size is about the size of the state of Maine in the USA, when i think of Iceland the first thing that comes into my mind is its wide expanse, its natural splendor that is so dramatic, its miles and miles of lava fields, its glaciers, its mountains, it volcanos, its fjords, its waterfalls, its geothermal fields, its winds, its midnight suns and its seas.

its velvet, almost carpet like greenery.  Iceland should be called Greenland.  and Greenland should be called Iceland.  a little geographic dyslexia.

i hope you enjoyed the blogs as much as i did composing them.

i am now back in the States, before returning to Seattle i am making a week long stop in Sleepy Hollow NY to see my three week old granddaughter, Edith or Edie for short.

it does not get much better than this.

also to see my lovely daughter Kelsey and my two and half year old grandson Henry, shown here kissing his little sister, while mom is feeding Edith.  how precious is this!

my best to everyone.

7 thoughts on “sadly, my trip to Iceland has come to an end”

  1. Loved sharing your adventures! Such an interesting place so interestingly written snd shared.

    Love love love your photos of your stay in Sleepy Hollow.

    Those are truly the best❤️❤️

  2. I have so enjoyed “traveling to Iceland through your words and pictures!” It was very fun and educational as all your trip blog adventures are. And now spending time with your new grand-daughter, Edie, and seeing Kelsey, Brian and Henry, for a week, how sweet that is!

  3. I too hated to see your trip end Neil. It was so much fun traveling with you.
    I think you saved the best for last. Enjoy your beautiful family.

  4. As in the past your blog has been enjoyable and educational,. Congratulations Grandpa again. What joy to come to!

  5. I always enjoy reading your blogs. It was fun comparing note with your trip to ours. We were flying home on 9/11 with a 3 day stay over in Iceland, which turned into 5 days waiting for a flight back to the US.
    What fun meeting your new granddaughter!
    We’ll see you in a couple of months in Indio.

  6. Thank you for sharing your Iceland trip. We are glad you are back in the states and enjoying family. Please stay safe and healthy.

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