movies are important.

to most people movies are important because they represent a delightful escape from day to day life activities. to others they are an important cultural component of their lives.  still others go to movies in order to spend time with their significant other.  it is a great thing to do on a date night.

however, in the desert many of us who go to movies do so in order to escape the heat, to get relief in the air conditioned environment offered by today’s movie theaters.

PJ and yours truly definitely fall into this category. over the past week, the two of us went to the movies every single day save one.

there are two other reasons that we go to the movies. the first and most important additional reason is the recent modification of the seats in some of the theaters.

have you seen and experienced these new seats in some theaters?   they are phenomenal.  you push a button and the seat slinks down so that you are beginning to lie back, similar to a chaise lounge.  in addition at the same time that your back is slowly receding into the soft leather backed seat your legs are being propped up by a foot rest type extender that comes out from the bottom of the seat.  when this operation is completed, you are almost prone.  your feet are up, your legs are supported, your back is relaxed.

yes, i know what you are thinking right now. it is almost like a bed, and you are right.  it is really comfortable.

for those of us who have a tendency to close their eyes when they are in a semi prone position it can lead to sleep. sleeping in movies is a whole another story.   more on that later.

and, you can reserve seats in advance too. wow!

the second, and much less important reason is the availability of popcorn and candy. yes, we are aware that the cost of these items in the theaters are out of sight.  outrageous.  this is where the theaters make their money.   the ticket might cost $ 7.50, but the popcorn, water and candy can easily run $ 11.

in my case, i almost always get a “small” popcorn with no butter, along with a bottle of water and a bag of peanut M&M’s.   oh my god.  does it get any better than this.  and i don’t care whether i just had dinner, or whether i am going to have dinner right after the show.

PJ, for his part, is a butter popcorn guy, along with water and Reece’s candy.   each to their own.

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