Major takeaways (6)

A few stand out.  Fifth…

Finally, I became convinced that…
      Luck doesn’t just happen. Your enthusiasm and love in your approach to life helps others, and that allows “miracles” to happen. 

3 thoughts on “Major takeaways (6)”

  1. I think that your 5th takeaway resonates most with me. I've always found that if I don't fully express myself (i.e. hold back for whatever reason), happiness declines within and around me – at least my perception of it. I've learned that, no matter what, one has to give energy in order to receive it – but without having the expectation of receiving anything. Being genuinely enthusiastic about my client's growth and success I believe empowers both me and them. I don't believe that this is an obvious lesson, as it requires; smiling before we are happy, or giving before receiving, or forgiving before receiving an apology. Thank you for making this clearer for me, as I don't think that it had been crystallized in my mind until you so neatly stated it here. Cheers, Jason

  2. I think it is awesome that by taking this pilgrimage you now have all of these in sites . Perhaps I'm jealous. All of your friends make wonderful comments.So man, keep on trucking!

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