linen shirts

the three of us are not into shopping.  i mean, we are really not into shopping.

it offers no appeal  whatsoever to any of us.  in fact, we hate shopping.  and we are not good at shopping.

having said all that, we have found something that we all like — namely, linen shirts.

and we found them in Positano.

a little background is in order.  we did not go shopping to find them.  no, we had “emergencies” that required that we purchase a shirt of some type.  these so called emergencies were in one instance caused by a sudden rain shower, leaving yours truly shivering in his shirt, wanting to get something that was dry and warm.  in Dr Tom’s case, he was at the beach, and did not want to walk many steps up the steep hill to get a shirt for dinner, so he needed something that he could wear into the quality restaurant for dinner.

in both cases the nearest store carried linen clothes.   primarily linen clothes for women.  beautiful dresses and blouses.

Positano is famous for its linen clothes.

it turns out that in the far back corner of these stores, there are men’s linen shirts.  in desperation, we purchase a shirt each.

they are so comfortable, and so cool looking.

i don’t want to say that this shirt alone puts us in the jet set, but pretty close.

take a look at these pictures.  try to focus on the shirts and not the physiques of the two men.

bottom line, we have learned something new.

we are still against shopping.  we don’t do it.  we don’t like it.

BUT, we do like linen shirts!!

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