life just isn’t fair sometimes

life just isn’t fair sometimes

yesterday was PJ’s 70th birthday!  a major milestone.  a major event.

yet, listen to how he celebrated the special day in his life.

first of all, he was in the company of two male friends — Tom and Neil.  of all of his family, friends — both male and female, my guess is that Tom and Neil would not be the two that he would pick first to spend that special day with.

second, he got up at 3:55am.  for those of you who do not know PJ (but will get to know him over the next three weeks) he does not do well in the early morning.  PJ is a late sleeper.  I mean a really late sleeper.

third, he spent the entire rest of the day waiting for airplanes, in airplanes, waiting for trains, on trains, or taking an Uber to get to the plane.  he was traveling from Los Angeles California in the United States to Venice Italy.  a trip which took 27 hours door to door.

fourth, and the real killer here, is that he “lost” 9 hours due to the time zone change.  the clocks moved forward that fast for him.

so, bottom line, PJ only experienced 15 hours of his seismic seventieth birthday.  his big birthday did not even extend the usual 24 hours.  that is a real tragedy.

of all the things that each of us worry about, not getting a full 24 hours for your birthday is not even on your worry list.  it never even occurs to us as a possibility.


well, it happened to PJ, shown here in the Milan Italy Central Train Station.

life, just isn’t fair sometimes.

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