How am I doing after finishing day 8?

Time for a quick update on several topics.

>Health. Decent.  Been very fortunate, with no major problems. Yes, during and at the end of each day’s ride, my legs, knees, calves, thighs, feet, hands, neck and butt all hurt. But, with two Aleve and a 30 minute nap, it does not hurt as much.

Trip progress. Tonight I am in a small town called Rabanal del Camino.  About to scale a mountain range over the next couple of days. I’m 150 miles from Santiago, which means that if I can average 37.5 miles per day, I will arrive in Santiago on Friday, four days from now. That will be 13 days after I started riding.

The blog.  I hope you are enjoying the posts as much as I am in composing them. Am amazed at how few comments there are.  I guess it means either:

Unless you are reminded daily you don’t check the blog out, or

You are challenged with technology and cannot figure out how to respond or post a comment, or

You read the post, but it does not move you to make a comment. It does not inspire your thoughts, or

You are so private that you don’t want anyone — me, or others that might see the comment — to know that you have some thoughts or feelings, or

You have a million things to do everyday, and this, as important as it is, does not fit on the priority list, or

You just don’t give a s**t, or

All of the above!!

7 thoughts on “How am I doing after finishing day 8?”

  1. Neil Sometimes the blog won't let me post. It just gets freaked out. I guess, I don't know.Everything is gone all the post stuff…all of a sudden today it is there! Man you have really travelled fast. You look thinner..You are almost there. How were the nuns? I really like reading your posts. You should blog all of the time.It is like a finally friend is there.

  2. Who is the statue above? I like the photos with the blog. The bike is great. Is it good to ride, it looks like a good ride.

    Have you developed a deep metaphysical spiritual meaning for life?Lee

  3. The response procedure is dorky which is why your friends may have given up. You have to sign into to google and THEN write the post and "publish" which of course you forget to do and after you write it and then sign in it has erased your post. Grrrrrr.

  4. We areall concerned you are not having enough fun! But the cathedrals look wonderful. And are you learning about Isabella? She puts Hillary to shame. And maybe Elizabeth I and Kate the Great too.

  5. I echo previous comments on the awkwardness of posting a comment. Am enjoying your blog DAILY, and amazed you've gone so far already. Good luck with the mtns just ahead.

  6. Love these photos! Agree with other post that I am worried that you are not having enough fun, but these pictures make me smile! I think the issue is likely the technology of posting. It is a little daunting. But know that everyone is supporting you!

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