I have 8 grandkids, and 2 on the way.

However, I am called different names by different grand children.

Some call me Gramps.  Others call me Papa Neil.  Still others call me Googa.

How did I get the name Googa, you may ask.

In today’s world of blended families, a child may have several grandparents.  What I have found is that if you don’t get your requested name in early and often, you may be struggling to find a name after other grandparents have already taken the usual names.

This has happened to me.  When this first happened some years ago, I was asked what do I want to be called.  All the usual grandfather names had been spoken for.

I blurted out “Googa”!  in hindsight, I have no idea where I came up with this name.  I can’t for the life of me figure out where I got the idea to call myself Googa.

It just came out of my mouth.  It is something that I figured a toddler would have an easy time pronouncing.

Well, guess what?  I really like the name.  It has worn well over the years.  It is distinctive.  I don’t know anyone else who is called Googa.  I consider it a term of endearment.  I love it.

This photo was taken this summer on Chappaquiddick captures my six youngest grandchildren.  My two grown grandchildren, Ian and Danny, did not make the trip and are not in this picture.

Bottom line, I love being a grandfather – no matter what they call me — to all of my grandchildren.


8 thoughts on “Googa”

    1. Looks like someone in the family is a good seamstress. Cute picture, and I agree-you need a matchingshirt too, but by the time that happens, the youngest will need larger ones.
      Precious memories!!!!!!

  1. Neil you are not the only Googa on Earth. As a young gaffer I could not pronounce Gloria (my cousin). I called her Googa!
    Names seem to evolve. Born to a Ukrainian speaking family my parents named me Vernon (Anglicized for Myron). My uncle nicknamed me “Earl” and it stuck! My non English speaking Grandfather tried to say Earl but it came out Eric!
    I went by Earl Vernon Andrusiak until I needed a passport. No dice until I could prove the Earl thing and do a formal name change by providing school records and have others swear they know me as Earl.
    My staff, who could not pronounce my surname referred to me as Mr A until several staffers of Asian descent joined and called me Mista A. When I retired I did a bit of magic for kids and seniors. To pay homage to my staff and wintering in Indio my American friends (Y’all) made fun of we Canucks using eh! a lot, so I thought “The Amazing Mr Eh” was appropriate.
    My card playing buddies know me as Earleh! 2 grandkids call me Grampa Eh as opposed to their other Grampa B and another calls me Dido! My Kart Racing days (seem more like a daze) and there I was known as #88. In school my buddies called me Sack!

  2. I always thought a Googa was someone who Googles… Knows enough to look up the facts when needed.

    Hmmnnnn… 🙂

  3. I remember the day you picked that name! It has definitely been a conversation started! everyone who hears it wants to know how it happened. People love that you gave it to yourself!

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