Golf is an international game. Los Cabos has its fair share of wonderful courses.

During our stay we have had the opportunity to play two of the courses in Los Cabos. Camp Compestre and Puerto Los Cabos.  Both are wonderful layouts.

Golf means different things to different people. To me it means several things…

Once I start walking on the fairways I am able to put the many issues that are on my mind away.   Or at least on pause for a few hours.

It requires a lot of physical skill to play well.

Even more importantly it requires a mental discipline that is challenging.

Both the physical and mental challenges are further stretched by the tiredness that one experiences during the last few holes of play.

During every round of golf one has the opportunity to experience and test some of the most important values.  For example, honesty and integrity have an opportunity to be tested in small ways on every single golf hole.

It is an opportunity to get to know your playing partners during the four plus hours it takes to play 18 holes. My Dad told me to play a round of golf with someone before you do business with him.

And it is competitive. And who doesn’t love a little competition to keep your juices going.


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