first dibs

remember when  we were kids and we were so intent on calling out for first dibs on whatever.

“i get first dibs on the front seat of the car”, or “i get first dibs on what bed i get in the motel that we are staying at”

having  first choice of  something is pretty important.  or, at least it was as a youth.

we would race to the car to get the front passenger side seat.  it did not matter whether it was your sister or not.  it did not matter whether the other person was four years your junior.  it was every man out for himself.

it was serious business.

believe it or not, PJ, Tom and I are having a little bit of a reversion to our youth on this trip.

the major issue we have faced since the beginning of the trip has been who gets which bed in each room that we are staying in.

let me add that we have been staying in one room to save dollars, and then asking for three beds.

the other reason we did this was to further ensure the comraderie of the threesome.  the theory being that a threesome of guys that sleep, shower, etc in the same room, stays together.

being seasoned, mature adults we decided early on not to race to each room to get the first dibs on beds, like we would have done as kids.   but, no, we, being adults, we would set up a system that would work.

the system that we have been using is that we will rotate who gets first choice of beds, who gets the second choice of beds, and who gets last choice.

we have been following this for our entire trip.

to give you an idea of how this system works out in reality, take a look at the pictures below.  needless to say, PJ in Positano got the first choice of beds.  you can see he selected the double bed with wooden frame.   Tom got the second choice and picked the single framed bed.  yours truly got the rollaway cot.

such is life.

the main point of this post is that i wanted to make sure that our readers understand and appreciate the maturity that the three of us are evidencing as we determine who gets first dibs on beds.

oh, to be young again.

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