Day three of our pilgrimage!


today was very very long.  a difficult day of hiking.  14.8 miles, and 37,636 steps.  we were hiking for 9 hours!  wow!

and this followed the previous day where we did 12.9 miles and 34,931 steps.

who said this was supposed to fun!

we also encountered some weather for the first time.  rain and stiff winds hit us intermittently throughout the day. but we made it.

we continued to traverse hill and dale, one farm field to the next.  we also experienced some woodlands protected as national forestry.  finally we entered Northumberland National Park which is renowned for its wide open moorland, which covers about 70 per cent of the National Park.

moors are characterized by low-growing vegetation on acidic soils.  moorlands are usually uncultivated hill lands.  heathlands on the other hand usually refer to low lying uncultivated lands.  heather is a low growing perennial shrub and is the dominant plant in both moorlands and heathlands.

heather was reviled by many for its association with rugged rural poverty until the 19th century when it became a popular ornamental plant in many gardens.  it usually blooms on August here and its color is usually a beautiful purple or mauve, a more pale purple.

but the bottom line is that today was a very long day.  nine hours of hiking.





4 thoughts on “Day three of our pilgrimage!”

  1. This pilgrimage seems to be grueling in the amount of miles you walk, and no places to rest. Do you pack lunches for each day and take a lunch break and sit around and enjoy each other? What time do you get up, have breakfast and start walking?
    Any hope of getting a massage in the evening?

  2. You are working hard. Hope you are enjoying all of mother nature’s beauty and all the wonderful exercise along your pilgrimage. Thank you for sharing your memories.

  3. The first part of my last name – Hed – means heath in Swedish.

    The second part – lund- means grove.

    Neil’s name just means Peter’s son.

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