Dancing is what soothes the soul.  Not the soles of our feet but the souls of our bodies.

As many of you know I really love to dance and spend some time trying “to improve my game.”

What you may not know is that my daughter Kelsey is beginning to put some effort into becoming a dancer too.  She is taking weekly lessons in New York City in rumba and waltz with her fiancé Brian. She is also taking West Coast Swing — my favorite dance — instruction weekly.

West Coast Swing is part of the swing dance family (Charleston, Lindy hop, balboa, east coast swing, etc).  Danced as if one was on a railroad track.  The woman goes up and down the track, being led by the man as he switches from one side of the track to another.  A very romantic dance, and a very difficult dance to pick up.  They say it is the second most difficult dance to learn, after Argentine tango.

Needless to say somehow we found time for some father daughter dancing in Cabo.

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