A long day

The good news is that I made the mountain. Not having my gear on the back of the bike helped. It took me 5 hours to go 20 miles. But I made it.

The bad news is that I got off my bike 12 hours after I got on it. A long day!  Now that figure includes a lot of stops.  I covered 58 miles today.

Not sure where this spurt of energy came from. Maybe the lack of riding yesterday afternoon. Maybe the massage. Maybe the lack of the heavy gear during the first 20 miles. Or maybe it is the “I can taste Santiago”.

I am now only 58 miles from Santiago.  I am determined to make it tomorrow, Thursday.  At least I won’t have a mountain to climb tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “A long day”

  1. Neil- Denise is sending this note for me, due to my apparently poor connection to the blog.Thanks Denise. Congratulations Neil. You look so happy in the picture. What a great contrast- you and the statue in the background.The Abergues looks cozy, but very nice. You should sleep well after your long but successful day. Job well done!

    Nancy Chenay Kennedy
    sent from my iPhone

  2. Wow! Even when driving, folks don't usually drive 12 hours a day, and 12 hours on a bike, ouch! Congratulations on making it up the mountain!

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