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I have always loved adventure - whether it has been in my career, my entrepreneurial activities, or my life. On my travels, I have met so many terrific people, learned about their culture, their perspectives. Every year, I take a trip with family, or friends, to a new destination.It renews and inspires me and I hope that my commentaries will inspire you to explore our adventurous world!



Since 1993

Meandering Musings

I thought I would try something new.

For me, it's important to stay open and be curious about whatever life brings, whether you're on a trip or not.  In addition, I am struck by the power of seemingly ordinary events. Meandering Musings are my reflections on life whether or not the experiences are associated with a particular trip.

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2019 Road Trip to Branson MO and Oklahoma

Two items on my bucket list are to go to an RV rally (Branson, MO) and visit the one state I've never been to - Oklahoma.

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2018 Trip to West Coast of Vancouver Island BC

In 2018, I plan to explore solo (no one will go with me) the challenging waters off the west coast of Vancourver Island, B.C. in my 17 foot Boston Whaler.

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2016 Trip to Italy

My trip to Italy with two traveling companions, PJ and Tom, both good friends from the California desert.  Our stops included Milan, Cinque Terre, Florence, Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast and Rome.

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2019 St. Oswald's Pilgrimage

My 2019 St. Oswald's pilgrimage in England takes me to places associated with St. Oswald, King of Northumbria, who in the early 7th Century helped bring Christianity to his people.

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2017 Morocco

Team Peterson (which consists of daughter Kelsey, son in law Brian, son Guy and yours truly) prepares to explore another North African country, Morocco, after spending time in Egypt a few years ago.

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2016 Trip to Cuba

My travels in Cuba taught me a lot about what makes it such a wonderful place, in spite of its economic and political challenges. It is the people and their kindness that makes Cuba so special.

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2014 Trip to Baja California

In late 2014, I drove the entire Baja Peninsula, a 1,000 mile trip. I had the chance to meet a lot of great people, and find out more about this rugged and beautiful terrain .

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2019 Trip to Sicily

In 2019, I plan to explore the natural beauty and rich history of the island of Sicily with my daughter Kelsey, son-in-law Brian, and their 6 month old son Henry, along with my son Guy and his significant other, Chelsea.

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2017 A Summer in the Desert

My travels during the summer in the California desert, specifically in the Coachella Valley, the home of Palm Springs, Palm Desert and Indio.

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2015 El Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage

In 2015, I made a pilgrimage to El Camino de Santiago in Spain. It was a 500 mile long trip made on a rented bicycle across the beautiful Basque region.

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