Pick up trucks…

today i rented a pick up truck.

the reason — in order to repair the ruptured fuel tank in my boat the boat repair facility has to fabricate another fuel tank from scratch using aluminum. here is a look at my fuel tank surrounded by foam which is a real no no since foam retains salt water and over time eats away at the aluminum fuel tank.












the source of aluminum sheets (2) sized 4’x8′ is in Kent, Washington, a two plus hour drive from Port Townsend.  in order to get it to the boat repair facility as soon as possible, i volunteered to go get the aluminum sheets myself.  to do so, i would need a good size pick up truck.

I called U Haul, and reserved a pick up.

believe it or not, this is the first time i have ever driven a pick up truck. can you believe that?

enjoy it i did.  relish every moment i did.  a couple of images appeared before me as i drove for more than 5 hours today.

how does a man not feel more macho as a result of driving a pick up?  i know i did.  yes, siree.  my back was a little straighter, my chest a little pushed out.  i just felt pretty cool.

in addition, i have to believe that one reason that i so much enjoyed the experience of driving a pick up truck was that i felt that it leaves the impression that I can fix a leaky pipe.  clearly a man who drives a pick up truck is a man who always has his tools with him.

right now my image (and reality) is not of a man who carries his tools with him.  today’s experience changed that — at least for a day.  at least in my own mind for a day.  and for the record, as a result of my boat trip, i now have a screwdriver and an Allen wrench on board the boat.

in addition, i learned a little about the cost of a U Haul for a day.

they advertise everywhere that it is $19.95 a day.  that is displayed all over the vehicle.  little did i know that this rate is just for in city usage, defined as bringing the rental truck back to the same location you rented it from.  also, i did not know that any gas used would have to be replenished and done so on my dime.  and then, there is also a mileage charge, which on a 200 mile roundtrip will add up.  over and above this there is the whole issue of whether to pay for insurance. my guess is that my one day cost of a U Haul rental of a pick up truck will add up to almost $150, not including insurance which i declined to take.

i return the pick up truck tomorrow morning.  shucks!

5 thoughts on “Pick up trucks…”

  1. You made lemonade once again!!! Continue to enjoy the journey and share it with us!

  2. Did you need a high school diploma to rent the truck? A minor observation from Normandy, Fr

  3. Neil…i know, you are not calling for advice or common sense and not only once i thought of leaving a comment yet…i didn’t dare…
    well as suspenseful your journey takes waves-and i’m not a sailor-, it appears as you may be dancing with an apprentice partner…your boat…be wise and careful…if the tune is on, then i wish you a smooth crossing…

  4. Hope you can still make your trip when you get a new fuel tank and make sure you do not have any more water leaks. Yes, with Uhaul you have to find out what is included before you sign the contract. It is only money. Glad you still are safe and have your health.

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