it is one thing to have a massage, it is another thing to have a soak…

today i did something i never do.  i had a massage.

but it was not a normal massage  it included a soak.

in Port Townsend, an innovative entrepeneur Wren Farris has started Soak on the Sound where i took my body this afternoon.

what makes Soak different is that before you get the massage you soak yourself in tub of heated salt water.  the idea is to soak the cold from your bones, detox, sweat, and regenerate.  i spent 30 minutes in the salt water tub.  then i had the massage.

i must say that after the fact i feel very relaxed.

very relaxed.

3 thoughts on “it is one thing to have a massage, it is another thing to have a soak…”

  1. Good for you continuing to find unique adventures and entertaining us all while waiting for your Boston Whaler Breakaway II repair.

  2. What better to do while waiting for your boat then to just enjoy life. Hope you get your Boston Whaler back in top working order Monday.

  3. At the famous sulfur springs in Glenwood Springs, Colorado you also get treated to a soak in the healing waters from the springs before a massage. Happily the water does not smell too bad. Good thing to do after a bike ride up and down Glenwood Canyon along the Colorado River. My son Alex and I may do this this week.

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