great breakfasts…

what beats a great breakfast?  not much.

especially…if you are having the breakfast at 10am after having been “on the water” for the last 3 plus hours.   and you are cold and wet.  and your knees are stiff and not very flexible.  and you can feel your fingers tingling like crazy.  oh yes, what a difference a breakfast can make.

what makes a great breakfast?

for me it is a combination of ingredients.  first, and most importantly, a wonderful caring waiter or waitress.  someone who just through looking at their eyes, you know she or he fully understands where you are in life at this very moment — namely, in need of really good breakfast.

second, first order of business has to be the liquid refreshments.  water, with no ice, please.  a small grapefruit juice.  and most importantly, something warm, really warm.  either a cup of tea, hot water, or hot chocolate.  no coffee for me. have not had a cup of coffee in 34 years, but that is another story for another time.  the sooner these glasses and cups get to me the better.

third, food.  normally for breakfast i eat granola, with plain yogart topped with berries.  however, when one is feeling cold, wet and humbled by the elements, one needs much more than my usual.  one needs a real breakfast.  one that has eggs and plenty of them.  one that has some kind of additional protein in the eggs, such as salmon.  on the side there has to be either home fried potatoes or tomatoes or cottage cheese, and then there has to be dry, non buttered toast.  my favorite is wheat, but i also love english muffins.

fourth, peanut butter and jelly.  yes, siree.  the peanut butter has to be crunchy.  and the jelly preferably is apricot, peach, or raspberry.  i could go on for a long time about the value of peanut butter and jelly.  put simply, if i had to pick only one food item to survive on, that would be — hands down — a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.







finally, the crucial last part of a great breakfast is the time to take it in slowly.  do not rush it. enjoy each bite.  take a deep breath from time to time.  slowly smell the odors in the room.  cast a look out the window.  chuckle at some other table’s laughter.

if you have a great breakfast like i just described you don’t need many more meals that day.  one great breakfast goes a long way.

any one want to share their version of a great breakfast?

One thought on “great breakfasts…”

  1. When I was a little girl I always got up early and my dad would fix me cheerios and milk. I still eat cheerios.

    Later In middle school I had a 20 mile drive to Sacred Heart from South Shore in Chicago to the far North Side. The high school friend who drove me would sometimes pick up “bismarks” – jelly filled donuts to eat on the way. I havent had one in 50 years. But i still remember what they taste like.

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