Good fences make good neighbors

Robert Frost‘s poem Mending Wall is one of my all-time favorite poems. And my favorite line in it is “Good fences make good neighbors.”

And I think the reason is that it explores the contradictions that we face in life – this one being the building, or more accurately the mending of a stone wall. He suggests that two divergent and potentially conflicting thoughts can coexist and in fact lead to a better outcome – one where everyone can be happy.   Or at least that is my reading of this line in the poem.

On the one hand, you have each person’s desire to have some privacy, some security, some protection of what is their property. On the other hand, you have the desire to be good neighbors and have a sense of community with not only your next-door neighbor but the larger community.

His poem suggests that you can have good fences and still be good neighbors.

I am always fascinated wherever I go with fences. This trip is no different.  So, let me share with you some of the fences I have seen in Morocco.

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