Friends are really important…

today was another chance to relax and reflect as i wait for the work that is being done on my boat.

the work on my boat continues.  the major issue is the fuel tank.  below is a picture of the existing tank.  if you look closely, you can see the small dark spots which in fact are holes that have developed over its 25 year life.  the aluminum has been eaten away slowly but surely.












this fuel tank is being replaced by a new one being fabricated as we speak.  here is a picture of what it looks like right now.  with fingers crossed i should be able to be back in the water by monday evening.

until then i am getting to the opportunity to explore Port Townsend even more.

what i found out today is that pickleball is alive and well in PT.  yes, siree.  they welcomed me even though i had to borrow a paddle and play in my boat shoes. pickleball was invented on Bainbridge Island Washington, just a hour’s drive south from PT.  today it is the fastest growing sport in America.  fun, fun, fun.

but what was really special about today was the opportunity to spend time with friends.  Sandy and Bill Bell and Tom Kornmesser and his sweetheart Janet traveled over an hour to come have dinner with me in PT.  we are friends because we all spend our winters living in motorcoachs in the sunny, warm desert of Southern California.

we had a great dinner eating outside at Hillbottom Pie, a very small but good restaurant in PT.  they are known for their pizza, and make the best soup i have ever consumed.

for desert, we walked to the Elevated Ice Cream Shop for a delectable ice cream cone.  for me, that is chocolate chip mint ice cream in a waffle cone!

friends are really important.  we all know this and nod our heads in agreement.  but, believe me, after what i have been through this past week or so, friends really mean something.  they are unbelievably important, and especially so in difficult periods.  this week has brought some things into clearer focus for me.

thank you to Sandy, Bill, Tom and Janet.  and thank you for all my other friends that have contacted me one way or another over the last week.

friends are really important.

2 thoughts on “Friends are really important…”

  1. It was a pleasure to visit and spend time with you, Tom and Janet in Port Townsend. You do make the best out of all situations. Lemonade out of lemons is a speciality of yours.. It was great seeing your boat and you being realistic about the next step. Yes, the food was yummy.

  2. Sounds like you have made the best out of a tough situation. Fortunately you found the problem before you’d gone to far. We just arrived back in Paris-on time but not on budget!

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