Clayware of Candelaria #1

Kelsey and I had an adventure the other day.

We sought to find out more about trastes de barro, to foreigners “ranchware”.  A special kind of rustic clay pottery. We wanted to learn how to make it.

We were told that the only location that is still producing this kind of pottery is in the village of Candelaria.  A hamlet of only 80 people. A small church, a small school, and one store which was not open during our visit.

Candelaria is not easy to get to.  Lying in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna it is accessible only with four wheel drive vehicles.  Located on the West Cape of Baja Sur it is about 20+ miles north of Cabo San Lucas.

The road was not only not paved.  It also was a challenge to follow.  We made five wrong turns along the way.  There are NO street signs in Baja!

In addition the road did not have any other towns on it. Once we left Cabo San Lucas we felt like we were in the wild. The closest we came to civilization was the occasional cow.